Cruthú Members – Terms and Conditions

Cruthu Gallery

Cruthú Members – Terms and Conditions

By reading this disclaimer and signing your acceptance on the 2018/2019 Membership Application Form, you agree to the terms included until further notice. Please keep this document for future reference.


1) Only individuals having paid their annual subscription to Cruthú (general membership) are eligible to hang/display pieces of art.
There is an additional entitlement to hang/ display art from April – November of a given subscription year when the member applies to become a Premises Member for that year, and pays an additional premises subscription (Premises membership).
There can and will be additions to this exhibition where general membership Cruthú members can exhibit on a specific ‘Open Weekends’. Also on occasion invited guest artists may share the space for a specified period – all to be decided by the committee.

2) The premises space is available for use by ANY Cruthú member outside normal opening hours for personal studio use – by pre arrangement with the premises committee. If using the premises in this manner, members agree to also facilitate the opening of the gallery to passing members of the public while in the studio.

3) All art and craft pieces which are hung/displayed, are hung/displayed at your own risk – Cruthú will not accept responsibility for art or craft stolen or damaged whilst hung or stored at the Cruthú premises, or at any other exhibition location, howsoever the damage is caused. It is the responsibility of the individual member to have their art insured for any eventuality if you deem it necessary.

4) I agree to maintain the premises in an orderly and presentable fashion, taking due care to ensure personal safety and wellbeing and the safety and wellbeing of visitors to the premises.

5) I agree to take reasonable care when handling all members’ art.

6) I agree to promote and support all members’ art in a positive and fair manner.

7) I agree to adhere to procedures as laid out in the premises folder by the committee, relating to sales recording/ bookkeeping, retrieval and deposit of keys, notifying fellow members of sales. Etc.

8) A premises sub-committee will be appointed each season by the main committee, and will make decisions concerning the display and layout of art with the intention of being fair to all exhibiting members.

9) I agree to notify the premises subcommittee of any matters relating to the premises which may require their attention.

10) I agree to the deduction by Cruthú of 10% sales commission on all items sold. Payments may be made by cash or Sum Up. Personal cheques are not accepted.

11) Although Premises members will be limited to a set number of pieces at one time – pieces can be replaced at any time by prearrangement with the premises sub-committee. The number of pieces to be displayed by any individual artist will be decided by the premises subcommittee with a view to fairness and consideration of the nature and dimensions of the piece.

12) Premises members are invited to display ART or CRAFT and must declare their choice at time of application. If members wish to submit both ART and CRAFT items, this will be considered by the committee and space allocated at their discretion once Craft Only Members have been accommodated.

13) As a Premises member, I agree to participate in a fair roster to manage the premises during prearranged opening hours, which will include designated: Fridays / Saturdays / Sunday / Bank Holidays from April – November. If you are unable to fulfil roster duty it is your responsibility to notify the premises sub-committee in adequate time for a replacement to be found.

Please sign on the 2018/2019 Membership Application Form that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.