Eoghan O Neill 2018 Award

At the AGM we announced that we would be introducing and annual members award to recognise our founder and former Chairperson Eoghan O Neill RIP. One of the proposals is for an annual members award in his memory. Eoghan saw need for an Arts group in West Wicklow. One which would accepting of all Artist and Creatives. One in which all members would work towards the betterment of all. where each person’s practice would be honoured, where there was an open skill sharing and celebration of natural creativity in all. Members will be asked to nominate a fellow member for this award, considering the qualities that inspired Eoghan to form Cruthu. Be alert for what your fellow members are doing and how they inspire you. Who will it be? Know your fellow members – watch, learn, be inspired…………………….


A group of 5 members have attended training sessions funded by KWETB. The group has generated lots of ideas for discussion. A lot of the initiative refer to improving in members connections / sharing of art ideas / welcome and inclusion of new members / community inclusion with some of our activities. A subcommittee will continue to meet to develop some of the initiatives discussed and report back.


We need to look at our responsibilities regarding legislation. The committee is looking into how this will impact Cruthu communications etc and we will be informing all members of the changes or actions required.

Premises update

We have started upgrading the lighting with low wattage blubs. This should improve light quality. Also the desk position has been changed. So far members on duty find the new arrangement working well. Let us know what you think of these changes.


Ann is operating the Instagram account. She requests images / videos of members work to grow the account and attract followers.


We are making enquiries to the recently launched “Wicklow Creative Grant Scheme” to see if Cruthu is eligible for grant funding for group artistic development. See http://www.countywicklowheritage.org for more details. We Welcome comments and suggestions as to what you think may be appropriate for Cruthu to include in submission.

Social Media

Anna has set up an Instagram account find it by searching cruthuart on your Instagram account If you have one. She will share regular images of members art and upcoming Cruthu events.
The members Whatsapp group is working well. Try to use it for essential communications relevant to all members, as it can be hard to follow long chain of responses. if you need to notify committee for one to one communications – Contact us directly via Text or Email.

Other News

Thank you to Judy Heffernan and 4 other members who are attending a series Of KWETB sessions to explore Art in the Community initiatives. We look forward to the outcome of these sessions.

Summer Event

Discussions are ongoing with Russbough to identify a suitable weekend – most likely a workshop or demonstration, please contact the committee before the next committee meeting on the 29th May